Devlog for SliverSrc TUHG

This is the devlog for version 10.17.20 of SliverSrc: The Unleased Hell Grimore (that's what the game is called now)

I've made some of the maps smaller, here are some examples (left is the newer one, right is the old one)

As you can see I added a new NPC which you can talk with. She is pretty upset that half of her street lamp is gone

Also here are some new areas of the game that I have made for Wrongwood,

The left ones are the woods and the right ones are the town.

Here is that house without a door's interior, It serves as a grindroom

Oh yea, I forgot to include all of the new graphics that I had made for it and shout out to kandi-joneko for making the original art for Ranga's and tepache's face graphics which I edited