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June 30th 2020

  • added red to most of the text
  • added site updates
  • added background
  • added doom wad page
  • added game dev page
  • added the about me page
  • July 1st to July 2nd, 2020

  • added screenshots to the game dev page (7/1/20)
  • added new text to the homepage and a image of Homura (7/2/20)
  • changed the look of the updates page (7/2/20)
  • added the link to the guest book (7/2/20)
  • August 3rd? or 2nd to August 4th 2020

  • removed doom wads download link from main page (8/2/2020) or (8/3/2020)
  • added the download page link on the main page (8/2/2020) or (8/3)
  • added doom wads download link to the download page (8/2) or (8/3)
  • added non working link for the Lotus mojave demo (8/2) or (8/3)
  • added working link for the Lotus Mojave demo (8/4/2020)
  • August 5th 2020

    changed the look of the background image

    August 6th 2020

  • added the My OCs page
  • added a link to bigger images of Ranga and Tepache on the My OCs page
  • updates with unknown dates

  • Links for the my ocs page and the my weapons page added
  • August 7th 2020

  • changed text on the LM game page
  • changed the devlog link to a different html page
  • added the LM game page link to the downloads page
  • August 12th 2020

    added a link to my Sudomemo on the main page

    August 14th 2020

  • removed the my weapons link on the front page and replaced it with the link to the my thoughts page
  • updated the my thoughts page so it would fit with the other pages
  • August 26 2020

  • added a watching/playing rn text on the index page
  • August 30th 2020

  • added the odd, interesting and/or old websites page
  • September 14th 2020

  • changed the background on thoughtslol.html aslong with the text colour
  • added a music player to the home page
  • October 9th 2020

  • added tags that tell if a site is interesting, odd and/or old for the websites I find page
  • October 17th 2020

  • added the devlog page for THUG
  • October 25th 2020

  • removed the homura gif and replaced it with a lucky star stamp, comment page link, and the playing/watching text
  • November 3rd 2020

  • made the devlog page go to a link page that have links to the devlogs themsleves
  • Janurary 15th 2021

  • removed the TUHG screenshot page from the downloads page
  • removed some website links that lead to nowhere on the websites page
  • Feburary 22 2021

  • added a link to the orginal fiction page
  • moved the buttons to the buttom of the page, and added a half-life 1 banner to the top
  • moved the lucky star stamp towards the bottom of the header text
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